Boston Marathon Training UPDATE

It has been almost two months since I have accepted the bib to run the 2020 Boston Marathon. Wow, time has flown by! I feel like it was just yesterday I received the email.

My training is going very well! I am pacing myself because being healthy for a marathon is much more important to me than how fast I am going to run. There is no set pace or finish time I am aiming for. My goal is to finish the race, and finish healthy!

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I am running in the 2020 BOSTON MARATHON

I am excited to announce that I will running in the 2020 BOSTON MARATHON!

This has been a dream and goal of mine for three years. The first time I went to the Boston Marathon Expo was in April 2017. I walked down Boylston Street and through the finish line with my husband (then fiance), and got chills. I turned to him and said, “I want to run the marathon. I want to cross that finish line.” At the time, I have been running for a year. I was an average runner. I searched to see how I can apply for a charity bib. I got engaged and the following year (2018), I was planning my wedding. I didn’t have time to train for a marathon. Then September of 2018, I missed the deadline to apply for a charity bib.

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The Holidays

The holidays are approaching and that means lots of yummy food will be in our eye-sights. From appetizers to desserts, everything will look and taste delicious. We will want to try a little bit of everything! But some might also think about counting calories.

During the holidays, counting calories should not exist. You should enjoy the day with family and friends, and not worry about how many calories are in a slice of cheesecake. You work your tail off all year in the gym (or at home) to stay fit and strong, don’t think for a second you don’t deserve to have a bowl of gnocchis and some ham. All gloves are off on the holidays! REWARD YOURSHELF!

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Thanks-oween-mas Challenge

The Virtual Run Challenge has some fun and exciting new challenges!

Thanks-oween-mas Challenge is still under way. The first race was for Halloween, the second was the Thanksgiving race, and the final race of the challenge is for Christmas. I completed two out of the three so far, and will do the third closer to Christmas. Check out the medals below. They spin!

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LiveStrong Half Marathon Relay Race

My husband, John and I ran our first relay race! We have never ran a relay race before, so we decided to sign up to try it out. It was called the LiveStrong Half Marathon & Two-Person Relay Race. You could run the half marathon (13.1 miles), or the relay race (6.55 miles). There were only 20 relay teams who participated.

The first runner had to run the first half of the race, and the second runner had to wait at the halfway point for the bib pass off. I decided to run the first half because I didn’t want to wait in the cold to start the second half 🙂 Also, there were a lot of hills in the first half. There was a board that told you how steep the hills were. There were no hills in the second half. John’s ankle was hurting him, so I decided to run the hills. Who doesn’t like a challenge? I love to challenge myself, so I wanted to push myself.

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Chicken Tortilla Soup

Who doesn’t like Slow Cooker Sunday?! Every Sunday in the fall, my husband and I cook dinner in the slow cooker. We either cook something we have tried before, or we make a new recipe.

This past Sunday we made chicken tortilla soup in the slow cooker. It was delicious! This is a must-try if you like soup and Mexican food 🙂

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Suffolk 5K Race

It has been a while since I have posted. I went on a two week vacation to celebrate my first wedding anniversary 🙂 We went to Florida for a few days, then took a seven day cruise to the Caribbean. The weather was beautiful! After my vacation, I felt like a needed a another week off to recover from all the fun and late nights.

Instead, I jumped right back into weightlifting and running. John and I ran the Suffolk University family/alumni weekend 5K. We ran this race two years ago, and decided to run it again this year. I am an alumni, so it is always great to participate in family weekend and give back to the school.

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